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Physicians, Chiropractors and Sports Podiatrists trust InMotion Hemp Pain Creme & Roll-On to help relieve their patients pain, without the side effects associated with prescription pain products.

Trusted By Professional Athletes

InMotion Hemp Pain Creme & Roll-On is made with Hempseed Oil Extract, and is 100% Non Psycho-Active. InMotion Hemp will NEVER cause a positive test.

Crafted For Everyone Who Enjoys An Active Lifestyle

Is Chronic Pain Keeping You
From Living A Full Life?

  • Back & Chronic Pain
  • Neck & Shoulder Pain
  • Knee & Foot Pain
  • Arthritis & Joints
  • Inflammation
  • Mobility & Flexibility

Get Fast Acting Pain Relief With
InMotion Hemp Creme

InMotion Hemp Pain Creme & Roll-On provide quick pain relief due to it's Dual Action Formula that works on both the Superficial Pain Pathway and the Deeper CB Pain Pathway.

"The first time I used InMotion Pain Creme, I could not believe how fast it worked, and how I got DEEP pain relief". Best pain topical I have ever used, PERIOD." - Steve Dann

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Discover The Benefits of InMotion Pain Relief

  • Reduces Inflammation

    With 300 mg. HempSeed Oil and proprietary blend of B-Caryophllene & Boswellia, InMotion Hemp Pain Creme & Roll On helps reduce painful inflammation quickly, and lasts throughout the day due to it's quick penetrating formula.

  • Treats Chronic Pain

    InMotion's Dual Action Formula provides fast relief due to Arthritis, Back Pain, Knee Pain, Foot Pain & Elbow Pain. The InMotion Hemp Formula, FDA Certified, works on both pain pathways, the Superficial C fiber Network and the CB2 Receptors.

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Dual-Action Pain Relief Formula
The Science Behind InMotion Cream

Our customers tell us InMotion is the fastest working pain creme they have ever used. But what keeps customers coming back is the deeper pain relief they get when they use InMotion Hemp Pain Creme.

  • Step 1
    Relieves Pain Instantly

    First, the combination of Menthol & Trolamine Salicylate help relieve pain in the superficial C-Pain Fiber pathway.
  • Step 2
    Reduces Inflammation

    Liposome Formula reaches the deeper CB2 receptors because of InMotion’s Pain Terpenes (Beta Caryophllene, Linalool, B-Ocimene) & Essential Oils (Boswellia & Cetyl Myristoleate, Lavendula)

End result, InMotion provides faster, stronger pain relief than other pain creams, without ever having to worry about a positive test.

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The Secret Is In The Formula
Pain-Relief Ingredient Matrix

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Real People. Real Results.
Hear what our customers have to say!


Randy N.06/01/2019

Not all Hemp Creams are alike

"This stuff is INCREDIBLE!! I thought it must be hemp cream that is effective but I purchased several other hemp creams and, although they were helpful, it was NOTHING IN COMPARISON"


Dorothy M.06/01/2019

Great Service and Great Product

"I was very happy to receive this product quickly, as I have major knee pain. The product worked as advertised, and I had excellent service from the company. I would recommend them to anyone, and have been recommending the product as well."


Marco D. 06/01/2019

When In Pain, Use Hemp Cream

"I was skeptical about how well it would work but I will say this pain relief cream is excellent. I bought 3 bottles(I gave one to a friend who has back pain). He tried it right before we played golf, and managed to get thru 16 holes before any discomfort. I also use it before golf and keep and extra tube in my bag."

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The Natural Joint & Muscle Pain Remedy
Trusted By Athletes & Doctors

Maximum strength blend of 300mg Hemp
Extract + Liposome for Quick Absorption
& Fast Action Pain Relief:
  • Arthritis, Muscle & Joint Pains
  • Liposomal Formula For Fast Absorption
  • 100% Non Psycho-Active
  • Non GMO, Gluten Free
  • Money Back Guarantee

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