Inmotion Pain Creme is Non CBD… Yet Our Formula Is More Effective Than CBD

How Is This Possible? It’s All About Pain Terpenes

Inmotion Pain Creme aids in pain relief in two ways, not one. First, the combination of Menthol & Trolamine Salicylate help relieve pain in the superficial C-Pain Fiber pathway. When you apply Inmotion, you immediately feel that warm feeling….without an overpowering odor. And you feel relief!

Secondly,  Inmotion’s Liposome Formula reaches the deeper CB2 receptors because of Inmotion’s Pain Terpenes (Beta Caryophllene, Linalool, B-Ocimene) & Essential Oils (Boswellia & Cetyl Myristoleate, Lavendula).

End result, Inmotion provides faster, stronger pain relief than CBD Cremes (including our own CBD Creme, Inspirit CBD), without ever having to worry about a positive test.

And because Inmotion Pain Creme is Non CBD, Professional & College Athletes , as well as Firemen, Police Officers & Military can use Inmotion with zero concerns about a positive urine test!

Inmotion Pain Creme’s natural formulas are safe, non-psychoactive, Gluten Free & Non GMO.